White Vein Horn

White Vein Horn


  • Premium Kratom Powder (No Stems)
  • 100% Organic
  • Harvested from Mature Plants
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Our White Horn kratom powder comes from the leaves of White Horned Leaf, a kratom strain that grows in  Borneo, Indonesia. Smooth, stimulating and energizing, White Horn is an awesome strain with an exceptional aroma.

Where is This Strain Grown?

White Vein Horn is grown and harvested in the West Kalimantan province of Indonesia. Its horned leaves are what ultimately differentiates it from other kratom trees in the general area. Our regional farmers are adept in identifying only the best and most mature leaves when picking them for our drying process.

White Horn Kratom Effects

This strain is both energizing and stimulating, instilling hours of cognitive enhancement, confidence and clean energy. It is a terrific treat for both body and mind.

Perfect for professionals and athletes alike, White Horn gives you the get-up-and-go without wobbles or jitters. Open your mind, unleash your inner-motivation and seize the day.

As a rare find in the wild, White Horn represents one of the most coveted kratom strains on the market. The spiky horn-shaped leaves of White Horn kratom make for a sweet-smelling micropowder that’s as robust as it is restorative.

A pungent, powerful kratom powder with a mild taste and robust fragrance, White Horn offers engagement, endurance and excitement without nausea or nervousness. Effects may vary, but opinions shouldn’t. That’s why we only source the very best.

How Does White Horn Kratom Compare to Other White Strains?

Much like White Borneo and similar whites, Horned Leaf powder can provide moderate stimulation and clean energy. Where it has those strains beat is in its sheer effectiveness at offering mental clarity and prominent motivation.

How Popular is White Horn Kratom?

Users love this strain and have made it known all over social media. One post on Reddit said White Vein Horn called it “really lovely, stimulating.” Adding: “I feel cerebral, excited…and ready to get shit done.”

Our customers have been begging us to bring this one back to the store and we’re happy to announce the return of this one-of-a-kind kratom strain. We are now importing White Horn on a regular basis to ensure freshness and constant rotation of inventory.

Bottom Line

This strain is a great choice for beginners who want to graduate to the stronger horned leaf strains. It offers all of the excitement and enhancement of others without jitters or wobbles.

Veins and stems are removed prior to microgrinding, so you’ll know that you are getting nothing but pure kratom leaf powder.

Our kratom powders are ethically sourced from our network of trusted native farmers in Indonesia and beyond. They are finely ground and sealed securely for a fresh aroma and pleasant mouth feel.

  • Highest quality
  • 100% organic
  • No fillers
  • Ethically harvested in West Kalimantan

This product has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has stated warnings about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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