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Can Kratom Grow the US Economy?

July 06, 2018 Articles, Kratom Research, News, Op-Ed

The US Food & Drug Administration have warned the public against using kratom for any of its purported benefits. In a statement earlier this month, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said, “As we have previously stated, there are no proven medical uses for kratom and th...

FDA Kratom Investigation Comes to a Close

July 05, 2018 Articles, News

On July 2nd, the US Food and Drug Administration reached its final conclusion regarding kratom. After a Salmonella outbreak led to months of investigation and much blowback from the kratom community at large, the FDA issued a statement, concluding that it is just not safe for...

Could Kratom Be Made Illegal in 2018?

June 28, 2018 Articles, Kratom Research, News

The SITSA Act—it may sound like a harmless 90's nunsploitation movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, but it's actually far worse than that and may prove to be more damaging than a hip-hop sequel. In early June, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 2851, the Stop the Import...

The Sad Story of Christopher R. Miller

May 25, 2017 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids

MORE FATAL THAN USEFUL: THE SAD STORY OF CHRISTOPHER R. MILLER BY BOB FREVILLE “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.”—Hunter S. Thompson “Conventional medicine is a collection of unproven prescriptions the results which, ta...

The Battle to Ban Kratom

May 22, 2017 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids

WHAT IS KRATOM DEA BAN? For those who have had blinders on for the last several months, the kratom community is in a state of panic with several vendors removing kratom from their product pages online. The fear and uproar is the direct consequence of the DEA (Drug Enforcement ...

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