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Kratom Vs. Other Substances

March 21, 2017 Articles, Kratom Effects

Kratom is often stacked with other substances to unlock or magnify their effects. They are also compared to other substances. Here we will explore whether or not kratom pairs well with the substances most commonly combined with it. We will also take a look at whether kratom i...

What Is Borneo Kratom?

March 21, 2017 Articles, Kratom Effects, Kratom Strains

Borneo Kratom is a popular strain of kratom that comes from Borneo, the third largest island in the world. It is shared by three countries: Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Most Borneo Kratom comes from Indonesia which makes up 70 percent of the island. Borneo Kratom is known...

Maeng Da Kratom

March 21, 2017 Articles, Kratom Alkaloids, Kratom Effects

WHAT IS IT? Maeng Da Kratom is a specific strain of kratom, one of the world's most powerful nootropics. Maeng Da is commonly found in Thailand and Malaysia. It differs from other strains of kratom in a number of ways. As most of you already know, there are several disparate s...

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